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    Explicit routing (load balancing) issue in JBoss 5.1

    Anil Mathew Newbie



      We are running Jboss 5.1 in a clustered environment with 3 app servers(nodes). We are running into a issue where our application needs to a do a explicit route to a different server during a EJB call. i.e We have a client (back ground process) calls a EJB Method A (via remote bean call) and this Method A will call Method B within the app tier (same JVM). When the Method A calls Method B, we are trying to route Method B EJB call to a specific node(server). Note that when we make the Mathod A to Method B call, we are grabbing the “remote” home and doing a “create” on that home, attempting to get the remote interface/bean. We do have a custom load balancing policy class which does the routing process. Note that above mentioned Method A and Method B are 2 different EJB's.


      With JBoss 5.1, the load balancing policy class (i.e chooseTarget method) is not really executing and hence the explicit routing is not happening. This was working fine in Jboss 4.x.


      Can some one please help me with your thoughts? Unfortunately we found this issue just 2 days before we planned to upgrade our production servers to JBoss 5.1. I spend many hours in the forum to find an answer, but i couldn't. So any help will be highly appreciated.



      Thanks in Advance

      Anil Mathew