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    Jboss messaging failing during failover

    rajeev kumar Newbie

      Hello all,


      I have sucessfully implemented a cluster on two IBM M2 servers. My  node A has Jboss 4.2.3 having JMS 1.4.2 and postgres 9.0 (read-write mode) and other node lets say it B has same configuration except on this node postgres is running in read-only mode ( I used  the replication mechanism provided by postgres 9.0). every thing is working fine when both server is running. but as soon as i shutdown/charshes the node A, postgres on node B takes the role of read -write but it take 10-15 sec to switch the role, in the mean time failover of jboss also takes place and it seems that JMS is not able to handle this situation. so my question is

      1) Do we need constant DB connection during JMS failover.


      or can any one suggest how can i handle this kind of situation.ie database and jbossfailover simultaneously.