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    jBPM5 signalEvent data not propagated to a rule

    Miljenko Norsic Newbie



      I have a small example that uses jBPM and drools task, as shown on picture:




      Basically, I'd want to trigger a signal that is going to continue with a rule task and end process. I want my event to carry data, so I've added data to a signal:

      Event event = new Event();
       event.setData("some data");
       processInstance.signalEvent("Signal", event);


      In a rule task I want to use this data from signal in LHS side:

      $event : Event() from $p.getVariable("event")


      This is not working and rule is not triggered.

      At the same time, I can print this variable on RHS side, and it is obviuos that it exists.

      Am I missing something in a rule, or this construct is not supported by Drools?


      I have attached my Eclipse project as a reference.