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    JBoss Tools 3.3M3 doesn't deploy application as a zipped archive

    Marcos Antonio Novice

      - JBoss AS 7.0.1

      - JBoss Tools 3.3M3


      Hello, everybody!


      When I use Run As | Run on Server JBoss Tools 3.3M3 always deploy my EAR application in a exploded way. I don't want this. I want it to be deployed as a zipped archive. I used auto-deploy-zipped="true" and auto-deploy-exploded="false" attributes in the deployment-scanner element in the standalone.xml file, but it didn't have any affect (by the way, when I close and open this file again after running the JBoss AS, my configuration is gone).


      So, what do I have to do to make JBoss Tools deploy my application as a zipped archive?


      Thank you.