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    NullPointer for appScopedEntityManager when calling ksession.dispose(); in the startProcess method in PersistentProcessManager.java

    Darryl Youngblood Newbie

      Hey guys,


      I tried to adapt Salaboys turorial "04-jBPM5-PersistentEmergencyServiceProcess" to my testcase. I managed to run the test with the InMemoryProcessManager but when i try it with the PersistentProcessManager i get a NullPointer for the "appScopedEntityManager" when the "ksession.dispose();" in the "startProcess()" method in "PersistentProcessManager.java" is called.


      May you have general tips of what i should be aware of or have you encountered a similar error and can tell me how you solved that?


      If needed I can also provide some code.