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OSGI http service and servlet version conflicts

Sunil Pandit Newbie

Hello Folks ,


I have deployed osgi bundles in Jboss AS7 . The OSGI http service in jboss is provided using pax web 1.03 . The servlet version supported is 2.5 .


I am deploying CXF single bundle distribution to expose REST web services as OSGI bundles. However I get and error


Exception in thread "qtp17274627-89" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/servlet/AsyncContext


This is because CXF is expecting servlet 3.0 and jboss osgi http service supports 2.5


So how can I resolve this conflict ? CXF single bundle distribution contains Jetty 8.0 which supports servlet 3.0 . But I do not know how can I use that Jetty server instead of the jetty in the osgi http service.


I tried removing the HTTP service module however I ran into several other issues and therefore I reverted back.


I would appreciate any insights one can shed on this.