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    Primefaces and richfaces features merged

    José Freitas Newbie

      I like very much some possibilities probided by richfaces like client validation, the ajax framework and the cdk, and I like very much the variety of components from primefaces and easyness to work on themes.


      So I'm thinking to start a task with epic proportions, to merge both worlds, I know there're already conflicts in just using both libs on the same page and I didn't take a look yet on the richfaces's code to see if it'd be possible, but Unless I have some discouraging arguments from richfaces hackers, I'm goint to try to use richfaces as a framework and primefaces as the visual component library. and use things like:


      * clientValidation on primefaces inputs

      * ajax framework in form with primefaces inputs

      * use cdk to create components extended from primefaces and themeroller based.

      * try to apply something like the javascript api for some primefaces components.



      Again, I don't know if it'd be possible, they're just ideas, What I know is that it'd be at least very hard to accomplish, and I'd like to receive some feedback from users and devs about it.


      Best regards