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    Infinispan-CDI and Seam Solder


      Does Infinispan-CDI 5.1.0.BETA1 work with the latest Seam Solder 3.1.0.Beta3 ?

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          yesterday I try to run infinispan-cdi with seam-solder 3.1, but seems it does not work.

          I success to run it wil Seam Solder 3.0.0-Final

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            As you can see Juergen has opened an issue for that (I've linked it to the discussion).

            Currently, Infinispan CDI integration doesn't work with Seam Solder 3.1.0.Beta3 because its root package has been renamed (org.jboss.seam.solder to org.jboss.solder). By the way, upgrading to Seam Solder 3.1.0.Beta3 will break the compatibility with Seam Solder 3.0.0.Final.


            IMO, the dependency can be updated.