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    Rendering richfaces xhtml inside xhtml?


      I know we can render html inside xhtml. example-


      <h:outputText value="&lt;li&gt;abc&lt;/&gt;" escape="false" />


      Now I am trying to render jsf or richfaces tag inside xhtml?


      example (this i know is not working)-


      <h:outputText value='&lt;h:outputText value="OMG" /&gt;'  escape="false" />


      Well my intent is to souce xhtml from database? Is it possible to do thru any richfaces tag in xhtml?


      P.S. So far i know it is not possible to do thru tags. I know it could be rendered thru facesservlet. But so far i don't want to take that approach. For now going thru simple xhtml only.