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    rich:modalPanel + a4j:include wizard problem


      I am using rich:modalPanel + a4j:include components to implement a wizard following examples provided on your sites. The only difference is that I am not using .xhtml files since my application still uses jsp as the view instead of facelets. I cannot upgrade to facelets at this time due to legacy code.

      I am able to successfully open the modal panel and components inside it but when I click the next button inside the modal panel to display the next page defined using jsf navigation as described in your examples, I get an exception: javax.faces.application.ViewExpiredException:filename.faces No saved view state could be found for the view identifier: filename.faces......

      The issue seems to be that the next button navigates to a jsf file that has a f:subview tag at the top since it is a subsection of the main page. Is there a way to get the wizard to work when the view is jsp instead of facelets ?

      Thanks in advance for your help