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    Teiid and Enterprise Data services platform

    Sunil Varma Newbie

      How does Teiid compare with the JBoss EDSP? From this link Teiid-EDSP I dont see much difference between Teiid server+designer and EDSP.

      I understand one is a commercial and is fully supported but apart from that are there any additional features that the EDSP provides?





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          Ramesh Reddy Master



          For EDSP see http://www.jboss.com/products/platforms/dataservices/ it is much more than data virtualization platform. Teiid and Designer is only a part of big SOA platform.


          Like any opensource project, Teiid is community version, it is fast changing, new versions every 8-12 weeks. There are no SLAs or no commercial support, only support is through forums and email lists by members of the community.


          EDSP,  is a specific version of Teiid + many other projects like Modeshape, Designer, JBPM, ESB etc.  Stable, integrated to work well with other components and tested over variety of platforms and configurations. Comes with commercial support from Redhat, with free upgrades with subscription. Scheduled rollouts of versions, with support for major version for 5-7 years I believe. You can learn more from Redhat sales rep for more benefits.


          Hope this helps to clarify your question.



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            Sunil Varma Newbie

            Thanks Ramesh. That was helpful.