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    Error using rich:dropDownMenu

      Iam trying to use the drop down menu which richFaces provides. The jsp code snippet is as shown below :

      <rich:dropDownMenu id="dropdownmenu" value="File">
       <rich:menuItem id="new" value="New" >
       <rich:menuItem id="value" value="Open"/>
       <rich:menuGroup id="menugroup" value="Save As...">
       <rich:menuItem id="text" value="Text File"/>
       <rich:menuItem id="pdf" value="PDF File"/>
       <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" id="clse" value="Close"/>

      Iam using richfaces 3.0 with my JSF sun 1.1 RI . When I try to invoke the jsp , it says JSPG0046E: Unable to locate tagfile for tag dropDownMenu . Was dropDown introduced in versions later than 3.0. What is the tag which I need to be using to achieve dropdown menu using richfaces 3.0.

      Your hrlp is highly appreciated . and thanks in advane!!!