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    Performance Problem using rich:tabPanel.



      I am using rich:tabPanel to display my pages in my appplication.
      the user switches between tabs using AJAX request.

      I'll explain the issue with an example.

      Lets say there are 10 tabs in the tabPanel with each tab representing a different page.
      Now, Each page has its own bean and also the tabPanel has its own bean.
      Thus, there are in all 10+1 = 11 beans in the system.

      Now the problem is that if I click either of the tabs, all the 11 beans are called which really hampers the system speed because the user has wished to see only one tab but all the 10 tabs are being rendered and the tab I clicked is being displayed.

      My requirement is that I need only the bean relative to the tab clicked to be called at any time.

      Please Help.