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    !Admin access to the JMX Console?

    David Barr Newbie

      ( !, the unary negation operator... )


      Good Morning!


      Now, 10 months later, I would consider myself a "slightly trained monkey"...



      I set up a JBoss AS 5.0 cluster for our Dev/Test environment and secured the Admin Console with the "No, Mr. Tester, you can't have the" secure password.


      Then, the testers complained that they need to see how many requests are sitting in the queues, how many agents are connected to the queues, etc.


      How do I give them  access with more granularity than just Admin? I don't want them creating random queues just because they don't know what's in use. However, they do have a valid need to examine existing queues, and perform stops, starts, or flushes.


      I found Section 2.1 in the Admin Console User Guide, but that just discusses the admin roles that can go with a user name in web-console-roles.properties. Chapter 2 doesn't mention any roles beyond "JBossAdmin" and "HttpInvoker." And, I haven't (yet) found any documentation on other possible roles, or how to create my own roles, or how to assign privileges to those customized roles if I did create them.


      Has anyone done something like this before? Can you point me to a document that clarifies how this works?