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    JMS on Cluster


      Hi All,


      We are using JBOSS 5.1 with 2 nodes on the cluster.  We have deployed JMS as HASingleton on both of these nodes.  We were facing an issue where some of the messages were not delivered to the subscriber.  I logged into admin console and this is what we found out.


      1. topic is present on both the nodes. (don't know whether this is correct behaviour since it should be a singleton)

      2. Subsriber is listed in only one node.

      3. Messages sent to this topic does not land in both nodes.  It does in only one...surprising thing is it is not master node all the time.  It keeps randomly switching between 2 nodes.


      So, If receiver is subscribed to the same node as the message is delivered, it would get it.  Else it wont.


      I don't know where and how to fix it.  What should be the ideal behavior??


      Any help would be greatly appretiated.  Thanks in advance

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          Found this in one of their documentation. 


          JBoss Messaging clusters JMS queues and topics transparently across the cluster. Messages sent to a distributed queue or topic on one node are consumable on other nodes.


          This is not happening in our cluster.  Messages sent to one node is consumable only if subscriber is on same node.  Any idea how this can be fixed??






          Kind of update on my own problem which I fixed.  Cluster was not set up correctly.  Seems like our network was not configured to have multicasting working hence I moved away from multicast to unicast.


          Once I got the cluster up and running correctly, this problem went away.