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    JBPM 5 Question On Mulitple Instances Node

    Zeliang Huang Newbie

      Hi all,

      My requirement goes like this:


      1. An applicant submits an application.
      2. The application will then be routed to multiple approvers in parallel. Each approver will need to either approve or reject the application. The list of approvers will only be known at runtime.
      3. Once any approver rejects the application, the applicant will need to change and resubmit it again.


      I am able to achieve step2 by putting the the "approve" human task inside a "multiple instances" node. My question is when one of the approver rejects the application, how do I notify those tasks pending approval. Preferrably, I want to cancel those task since they are no longer valid.


      One way I could think of is to do a query of all the pending task base on the processInstanceId and skip each of them through the TaskClient. However, that does look like the best way. Any insight is appreciate