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    JCR xpath query

    Ming Yu Newbie

      Hi, I have a question regarding a jcr xpath query. Here is an example similar to the one on jboss's website:



      //element(*,my:type)[./*/*/@id=1 and ./*/*/@name='test']


      This xpath query is equivillent to the following sql select statement:

      SELECT * FROM [my:type]

      JOIN [nt:base] as nodeSet1 ON ISCHILDNODE(nodeSet1,[my:type])

      JOIN [nt:base] as nodeSet2 ON ISCHILDNODE(nodeSet2,nodeSet1)

      WHERE nodeSet2.id = 1 and nodeSet2.name = 'test'


      What I want to achieve is to get all entries from my:type that have a two level down childnode with id = 1 AND name = 'test'. So, these two constraints have to be met on any ONE child node.


      But this query will actually do this: any two level down childnode contains id = 1 or name = 'test'.  The childnode can be different childnode as long as one meets id = 1 and the other one meets name = 'test'.


      How can I achive my goal with xpath query?


      Thanks a lot!