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    How to merge multiple js/css files for individual portlet??

    tom sebastian Newbie

      hi all,


                We have several portlets in our portal application.

           We have multiple .js & .css files for each portlet(by importing on the header of portlet's jsp using <link> & <script> tags).

                Our aim is to merge .js & .css  files of each portlet into single file(ie., only one css and one js  file per portlet).

                If we specify these .js,.css files in gatein-resource.xml , they will be loaded for all portlet pages.

                But we need to load only those files which are specified in the portlet's jsp when the portlet is displayed.

                By giving the vm argument, -Dexo.product.developing=false, it is possible to merge all .js files mentioned in gatein-resources.xml to a single .js file.

                Is there any mechanism like this in GateIn so as to merge all .js files imported for a portlet(jsp) to a single .js file?

           Please anyone answer me....