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    Proper version of JBoss AS, Java, EJB3/2 for Oracle 10g

    Dante Bell Newbie

      Hi, I'm tasked with moving an app written for Jboss 2 from an old server to a new server. The app connects to an Oracle 10g RDBMS running on the same server as JBoss. I've installed and configured the following.


      OS: Oracle Linux 5u2 64

      JBoss: 4.2.3 GA

      EJB3: 1.0.19

      Java: 1.5

      Oracle RDBMS: 10g r2


      Is this the proper configuration?

      Should I be using new versions?


      My reason for asking is that when researching this configuration, the limiting factor is the classes12.jar file to connect to 10g. I read that it only works with Java 1.4 and 1.5. I'm not a developer, but I'm thinking that the newer versions of odjbc would require code changes, which we are trying to avoid unless this doesn't work.


      Thanks, Danté