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    JMS Classload issue


      I have been attempting to make use of HornetQ in my application but am having little success getting it to work.  A bit on my environment; I am running JBoss AS 7 (7.0.2).  I have both Windows and Linux environments that I have tested on, both fail.  My application is composed of EJBs, a few common jar files and a single WAR all packaged into a single ear.  The classes that are to be serialized onto a HornetQ topic are stored in a standard jar file that is placed in the lib directory of the ear.


      Now onto the problem.  My Web application is publishing an event onto a HornetQ topic which my EJB is listening on (I am not using MDBs).  I am able to publish successfully to the topic and it appears that the message is being read from the topic by the subscriber.  The problem comes when my code hits the following line "java.io.Serializable obj = ((ObjectMessage)message).getObject();".  This line of code produces the following exception:


      (Thread-3 (group:HornetQ-client-global-threads-33253167)) on Message failed with exception: com.test.event.EventMessage from [Module "org.hornetq:main" from local module loader @12a3793 (roots: c:\JBoss-as\modules)]


      Any help resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.