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    Unable to deploy MDB on 7.0.1

    Muhammed Aamir Cutlery Newbie

      I wrote a very simple MDB but apparently it is not being deployed as I am not getting any message on console that it is there, though session beans in the same archive are ok and messages are coming to console. Please note that I copied standalone-preview.xml to standalone.xml and didn't make any major change in it.


      Another problem I am facing is that I am trying to send a message to a topic from a session bean, and apparently it is being sent as I don't get any error but not being received (i am calling conumer.receive(timeout) in order to check the message).


      I searched a lot on google but didn't get any clue. Is is possible that it has anything to do with security, as I noticed that user with guest role can send the message? anonymous user has guest role by default?



      Muhammed Aamir



                          activationConfig = {


                                                                  propertyName = "destinationType", propertyValue = "javax.jms.Topic"),


                                                                  propertyName="destination", propertyValue="topic/request"),

                                              @ActivationConfigProperty(propertyName="acknowledgeMode", propertyValue="Auto-acknowledge")


      public class RequestMonitorMDB implements MessageListener {



           * Default constructor.


          public RequestMonitorMDB() {


              // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub




           * @see MessageListener#onMessage(Message)


          public void onMessage(Message message) {