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    Source navigation in JBossTools: open-on tld file in place corresponding to particular custom tag from my own custom tag library

    Vitali Yemialyanchyk Newbie

      Is interesting to know, can I use "JSF Capability" from JBoss Tools for navigation in my own taglib in VPE?

      My project is not JSF related project, but I'd like to use taglib navigation feature...


      "2.3.3. Adding JSF Capability to Any Existing Eclipse Project" - from http://www.redhat.com/developer_studio/guides/jsf/html_single/

      I've find what is possible to add own tag library to JBossTools palette, but I do not sure is it suitable for navigation in my own tag library?


      you can find reference project here:


      it is attached to the issue.

      It would be nice somehow to get taglib navigation feature for this project with help of JBossTools.

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