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    Client truststore configuration

    Ted Glogowsky Newbie

      Our application on jboss server 6.0.0 FINAL acts as a server and a client (transport sslsocket).


      When the application looks up via jndi remote ejb3 and performs handshake - it uses jvm truststore, but

      we need to use configured trustore and have a possibility to reload/refresh it without restarting a server.


      Is any support in jboss configuration to do it?

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          Ron Sigal Master

          Hi Ted,


          Sorry for the delay.  Have you made any progress with this issue?


          A client proxy for an EJB3 will start up a Remoting client configured on the remote server.  If so configured, it will create a SocketFactory which, in the case of the sslsocket transport (and the other ssl transports), will refer to a truststore.  If EJB3 with sslsocket is configured to use an SSLSocketBuilder bean, then the truststore will just get read once.  I'm thinking that what you need to do is move the SSLSocketBuilder configuration information to the sslsocket Connector bean so that each time a Remoting client is created, it will create a new SocketFactory, configuring it with a newly read truststore. See Chapter 5 of the Remoting Guide for more information (http://docs.jboss.org/jbossremoting/docs/index.html).



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            Ted Glogowsky Newbie

            Thx, that's really helps !