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    Mystery Endpoint JBoss 7 final

    Mark Rosenthal Newbie

      I'm attempting to deploy a top-down/wsdl-first service, using the "Generate Java Bean Skeleton" wizard.  The generated artifacts look ok, compile and seem to deploy ok.  I see the deployed EAR in the server, but all I get with Web Services Explorer or SoapUI is http 404s from JBoss.


      I remember running into something similar in earlier versions that I was able to resolve by checking the endpoints using the previous ...jbossws/services URI to list the deployed endpoints.  I can't see anything like this feature in the JBoss 7 console.


      So at this point, I'm not even sure how to verify the service endpoint has been properly deployed in the server.



      JBossAS Tools 2.3.0.v20110915-1551-H16-M3

      Using enbedded JBoss WS soap stack.


      1.  How do I check deployed service endpoints in the running server?

      2.  How do I eliminate the project name from the service URI context so that the endpoint address is identical to what is contained in the WSDL?