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    Can workflow be changed runtime in jbpm?

    Hardik Dave Newbie

      Hello Community,


      I want to modify the bpmn2 file at runtime.Is it possible or not?


      For example suppose my example has 5 human task currently. And I want to add two more human task dynamically and change the bpmn file permenently after that. Is it possible??


      With Regards,

      Hardik Dave.

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          In my opinion it is not possible to achieve what you described, at least not exactly. In general, process definition (bpmn2 file) is read only on runtime but there could be two options that could be interesting for you:

          • ad hoc process
          • use multiple instance characteristic of an activity


          Ad hoc process allows you to define activities that are not connected (or does not have to be connected) to create a flow of activities and activities that should be invoked at runtime can be selected per process instance basis. More information can be found at jBPM docs

          Multiple instance characteristic gives you an option to decide on runtime how many instances of an activity should be created, in your case how many human tasks - mote that in this scenario it will create multiple instances of the same definition of an activity.



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            Chris Melas Apprentice


            If you want to make a change while the process is in use and if the change is permanent and global not per case/user or based on some logic, you can easily achieve that by using Guvnor repository and its designer. I think you may also do something like that programmaticaly and via the REST API of Guvnor as well as compilation of the package etc

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