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    Visibility of several (versions of) jar's in JBoss EAP 5.1

    Simon Jongsma Newbie

      Hi there!


      We currently have a problem with the JBoss EAP 5.1 classloading.

      I tried to solve the issue using several jboss-classloading.xml setups but did not succeed.

      So I would be very glad if someone could provide some help on this.


      Resume: we are deploying six ear’s in total; A, C, C, D, E, F.


      Five of those (A through E) are using a external jar xxx.jar version 2.0 (in lib directory).

      One ear (F) is using the same xxx.jar but a legacy version 1.0 of it which we embedded inside the F ear.

      Objective was to limit visibility of this jar.

      Problem now arises that all ear’s are nevertheless “seeing” xxx.jar version 1.0 instead of version 2.0.


      Our wish is to configure JBoss (using jboss-classloading.xml files presumably) to configure the F ear,
      so that it’s (embedded?) xxx.jar is NOT exposed to the other 5 ear’s.

      Note: we do want F ear to "see" other jars in the JBoss environment.


      At the same time F ear now contains a class "com.getronics.slg.civmk.common.jaas.listener.CivisionSessionListener"
      that we want to be visible for ear’s A through E.


      Can you help us? It’s rather urgent; our development time window ends this week.