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    Multicast communication does not work with Stand-alone cluster

    Abbas Raza Newbie



      Multicast communication does not seem to work in a standalone cluster although I have UDP enabled. On my local machine, it works. However, in the cluster that I set up on separate machines, it is not working. Here are my configuration and code snippets.


      Configuration (hornetq-jms.xml):

         <connection-factory name="NettyConnectionFactory">

            <discovery-group-ref discovery-group-name="dg-group1"/>


                <entry name="/ConnectionFactory"/>






      Client code:

          connectionFactory = HornetQJMSClient.createConnectionFactoryWithHA(

              new DiscoveryGroupConfiguration(, 9876), JMSFactoryType.CF);




      The error message that I see is: [errorCode=3 message=Timed out waiting to receive initial broadcast from cluster]. It comes from ServerLocatorImpl.java line 569.


      Am I missing anything here?


      Separately, I wrote two simple java classes to test multicasting - one to join the multicast group and the other one to send a message to the group. That works with the cluster I set up with two separate machines. I am confused why HornetQ's client is not able to establish a connection with the multicast group.


      Appreciate any help.




      PS: I did see a thread on the forum about connection issue with multicasting. The answer was to enable UDP. For me, it has been turned on. Looks like it is beyond that point for me.

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