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    Why table lose rich styles?

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      I’m building a RichFaces application, with facelets templating (using composition pattern).


      In the top area I have a typical toolbar with dropdown menus.  In the central area,  a ‘welcome’ panel.  And in the bottom area, some footer info.


      When I hit an ajaxized option menu, the central area is refreshed showing a rich table; and here comes the problem: the table loses rich styles; it is showed in a plain manner, with no borders, no colors, etc.


      Could somebody provide some hints to solve this?


      (I’ am using v4.0.0 Final)



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          webmeiker webmeiker Newbie

          I have to play a dirty trick, which is to load a ‘false’ hidden table in the first page (index.xhtml) :


                                       <rich:dataTable rendered="false">                                     

                                             <f:facet name="footer">

                                                   <rich:dataScroller />




          Now, subsequent tables in next pages, loaded via ajax events, doesn’t lose their css richfaces formatting.


          Do some of you have a better solution? Because I guess I will have to play same trick for other components..


          attached part of my web.xml