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    Migrated code not working in JBOSS.Think it is a problem with JBOSS cache

    Ankitdhar Inkollu Newbie

      Hi Everyone,
      We are facing a problem with an application which has been migrated from Weblogic to JBOSS.


      The application has two user-roles:
      1. Admin
      2. Normal User


      Firstly,an admin logs in,he is able to work fine with his privileges.
      Secondly,a normal user logs in and he is able to work fine with his respective privileges.
      Thirldy,when an admin logs in,his privileges have been set as of a normal-user.The buttons which were generally

      enabled for him have been disabled.

      Rest of the application is working fine.

      This problem persists until we restart the servers.And if a normal user logs in,the issue persists.
      As of now,as a work-around,we have requested the normal users not to login into the application.


      1.The JDK has been upgraded from 1.4 to 1.6
      2.Oracle has been upgraded from 9i to 11G.


      We do not know whether the issue is with code or the configuration settings of JBOSS server.
      The log files  are not showing any errors. I think it is problem with JBOSS cache.


      If anyone has faced such an issue before or can help us in resolving this issue, please post your views.
      You can also contact me through my mail id-  ainkollu@gmail.com