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    JBPM's persistence reusing existing connection

    Andres Fernandez Newbie

      Hello, I'm trying to introduce a jBPM project successfully. We want to enable jBPM's persistence. The examples are intended to make a new connection to the database for jBPM. My application is using Hibernate already, and it creates the connection to the database. I can not accept two simultaneous connections, one of them just to jBPM. Ideally, jBPM reuses the existing connection.


      Specifically is it enough with the object org.hibernate.Session order to jBPM realice its operations persistence?


      I suppose that have a application with a database's connection and want to jBPM reuses the same connection, should be common. However, as the documentation and examples I see, they create new connection to jBPM. It makes me wonder if I'm wrong concepts and considering incorrectly the need to share the connection.


      Can anyone give me any advice or warn me if I am engaged in a wrong way?


      Thank you for your wisdom