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    Nodes gone on startup ..?

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      I'm trying to setup a really simple "eviction" policy (side-issue: I believe that the terms "eviction" and "passivation" are not particular well choosen. My initial understanding was that "passivate" would remove a node from in-memory and "eviction" would make the node gone forever).


      Back to the main issue: The behaviour I'm looking for is a cache with at most three nodes. If a fourth node is created, the oldest node must be removed from the cache. Surely, removing from the cache means that the node is gone forever and nothing will bring the node back. So I went along with this simle configuration:


      <eviction wakeUpInterval="500">

         <default algorithmClass="org.jboss.cache.eviction.FIFOAlgorithm"



           <property name="maxNodes" value="3" />




      However it does not work as expected:


      1. The max number of nodes appears is "1".

      2. All nodes are "gone" on starting up the cache (or they nodes are removed on cache shutdown).


      Truly and honestly a rather bizzar behaviour. Can someone exaplain or better, come up with the correct eviction setup?


      JBoss Cache version: JBossCache 'Malagueta' 3.2.7.GA


      // Wolfgang