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    Concurrent web service call

    Siva prasad reddy Lankayapalli Newbie



      I am calling web service from client 1000 times using loop.


      after 645 calls i am getting the below error at client side



      javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException: No Content-type in the header!

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.transport.http.client.HttpTransportPipe.process(HttpTransportPipe.java:172)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.transport.http.client.HttpTransportPipe.processRequest(HttpTransportPipe.java:83)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.transport.DeferredTransportPipe.processRequest(DeferredTransportPipe.java:105)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.api.pipe.Fiber.__doRun(Fiber.java:587)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.api.pipe.Fiber._doRun(Fiber.java:546)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.api.pipe.Fiber.doRun(Fiber.java:531)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.api.pipe.Fiber.runSync(Fiber.java:428)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.client.Stub.process(Stub.java:211)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.client.sei.SEIStub.doProcess(SEIStub.java:124)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.client.sei.SyncMethodHandler.invoke(SyncMethodHandler.java:98)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.client.sei.SyncMethodHandler.invoke(SyncMethodHandler.java:78)

              at com.sun.xml.internal.ws.client.sei.SEIStub.invoke(SEIStub.java:107)




      And the below error at server side.



      ERROR [org.jboss.ws.core.jaxws.SOAPFaultHelperJAXWS] (http- SOAP request exception

      java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: setProperty must be overridden by all subclasses of SOAPMessage"



      Can u please explain me how to solve this.

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          spyhunter99 Novice

          the first error i've seen when playing around with soap handlers from a .net client. basically, the vsdebugger http header keeps getting appended over and over again until it's too long and the server rejects it


          the second error is usually a classpath issue, meaning that you used wsconsume from a newer version of jaxb than was is in the current classpath. This can mean that jboss's web service stack is uber old (like pre 3.1) or that it's default to the jdk 1.6's stack which is jaxb 2.0. Long story short, you'll have to either upgrade the stack, or add an endorsed lib folder when starting the client, referencing a newer version of jaxb, such as the endorsed jboss folder with a jbossws stack newer than 3.0