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    CR1 : Failed to update RA pool config

    lindsaybraine Newbie

      While investigating another issue... I seem to have uncovered a problem with AS7 CR1 when attemting to update/load resource adaptor configuuration.

      Here is the fragement in the standalone.xml:


              <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:resource-adapters:1.0">










                              <connection-definition class-name="apollo.remotex.spi.ManagedRemoteExecutionConnectionFactory" jndi-name="java:jboss/resourceadapters/remote-execution" pool-name="remote-execution">


























      when loading up RA deployment failes when trying to write out the subsystem docuument fragment. Also, if I use the JBoss Console and try and edit and update any of the settings (on an new version of standalone.xml with XA-Pool, Security and Timeout declared) and error is thrown:


      Message Detail  


        Sun Jan 01 08:26:15 GMT+000 2012

      Failed to update RA pool config



      Unexpected HTTP response: 500





          "operation" => "composite",

          "address" => [],

          "steps" => [{

              "address" => [

                  ("subsystem" => "resource-adapters"),

                  ("resource-adapter" => "remotex.rar"),

                  ("connection-definitions" => "java:jboss/resourceadapters/remote-execution")


              "operation" => "write-attribute",

              "name" => "min-pool-size",

              "value" => 1








      Internal Server Error


          "outcome" => "failed",

          "result" => {"step-1" => {

              "outcome" => "failed",

              "failure-description" => "JBAS014807: Management resource '[

          (\"subsystem\" => \"resource-adapters\"),

          (\"resource-adapter\" => \"remotex.rar\"),

          (\"connection-definitions\" => \"java:jboss/resourceadapters/remote-execution\")

      ]' not found",

              "rolled-back" => true


          "failure-description" => {"JBAS014653: Composite operation failed and was rolled back. Steps that failed:" => {"Operation step-1" => "JBAS014807: Management resource '[

          (\"subsystem\" => \"resource-adapters\"),

          (\"resource-adapter\" => \"remotex.rar\"),

          (\"connection-definitions\" => \"java:jboss/resourceadapters/remote-execution\")

      ]' not found"}},

          "rolled-back" => true




      This suggets that "java:jboss/resourceadapters/remote-execution" does not exist - but it does - as it is displayed in the console OK !!


      Is this an issue I should raise - or am i doing something wrong ?