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    Croptool - needed advice about new components architecture

    blabno Master

      Hello !
      I'm writing custom component named Croptool based on Jcrop javascript from http://deepliquid.com/content/Jcrop.html. I'm using CDK, and already have created component that outputs javascript function that initializes javascript.

      My component now submits java.awt.Rectangle as a value, which represents users selection. However the image cropping functionality is not in my UIComponent, but is delegated to via metod binding to some other bean, which is not part of component.
      Please, tell me how should my component be organized.
      1. Should it only set that Rectangle via value binding or can it do the cropping ?
      2. If it can then how can i call a method on UIComponent ?
      3. If it cannot, shall i ship my component with JSF bean that can be a sample and do the job ?