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What version of Red Hat Linux do I need

Jan Hussaarts Newbie

I'm an Linux newbie.

Recently I purchased the 99USD JBoss Developer Studio License.

I downloaded RHEL Server 5 and tried to install it.

Received an error that I was running 1.4.2 form the JDK and needed to upgrade.

So I upgraded to JDK 7 and the error persists.

Then I run thru the messages in the community section and found out I should have upgraded to 6.

So I managed to uninstall the JDK 7 and installed JDK 6 update 29,

Trying to install Developer Studio still mentions that I am running 1.4.2 and should upgrade.

I'm not sure how to get rid of 1.4.2.

I'm stuck.

Should I download a fresh Linux version and try to install again? If so, which version of Linux?

Or is there a better way?