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      Hi to all, I coud not find in any documentation this feature or answer to this question:


      If I have this (simplified) network configuration:


      Jboss node A and B are on the same network but are linked with  2 switches. Let say the ethernet wire that connects the switches get broken.


      In that case I assume node A will become a new cluster "ALONEA" as B will become"ALONEB". LEt suppose we connect tonode A for a session (if we are on the same switch)


      When the switches will reconnect (with a good wire now) is there a way to say to the 2 cluster to MERGE in one, naturally indicating


      in some way (also programmatically) what will be the TRUE state to acquire (in our case from node A) ?


      This would be crucial in real-time application where it is necessary to have redundant systems that cannot be human-supervised.


      N.B. yes, a human could switch off node B, and the restart the cluster. But this is exactly what we wanto to avoid on our systems, that could be in desert where maintenance people  are far hundreds of kilometers....