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    Human Task Assignment -- restrict based on process variables

    jemmerling Newbie

      Again, I am not proud of the subject line but here is the question:


      In general, I want to associate a node or task with a group -- however, subject to some additional restriction.


      Using the term "task list" to refer to the set of tasks that an actor may claim, I would like a task to NOT appear in an actor's task list even if the actor belongs to the group associated with the node, based on some additional rules involving the state of the process i.e. its variables.


      In particular, there is a rule that I need to enforce that an actor cannot claim a task if they completed some previous task -- in other words, for a given process instance, 2 tasks in particular must always be completed by different actors even if both actors qualify in general to claim a task associated with either node. Of course, many other such rules could be defined, but that is a concrete example that concerns me at the moment.


      One reason I ask is because another product I have investigated (i.e. YAWL) does explicitly support such rules IIRC.


      To put things in perspective, there are other ways I could achieve this objective however they would be outside jBPM5 e.g. a client app that removes tasks from the user's "view" of the task list according to such a rule. But I would prefer to do this within jBPM5 out of a desire to maintain all business rules in one place (well I suppose the hypothetical client could share the knowledge base with jBPM5).