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    jBPM5 Demo - Trying to view Demo Human Task Server schema

    jemmerling Newbie



      I modified build.xml so that it launches the H2 Web Console.


      Having done that, and logging in to the H2 Console using the credentials from the persistence.xml used by the Demo Task Service, I see what appears to be an empty DB. Both before and after running the Human Task Example.


      -TABLE_CATALOG is MYDB (but that is implied by the URL used to connect).

      -Only system tables are visible.

      -A query against any of the application tables that should have been created by Hibernate indicates the table does not exist (e.g. TASK).


      I tried changing hibernate.show_sql to true so I can see the SQL output to the console where the server was launched. This SQL seems to suggest that these tables should exist (and when connected as "sa" should not require any prefix to query against them). I will admit I have no prior experience with H2 although substantial experience with a number of other RDBMSs.


      I tried changing hibernate.connection.autocommit to true (although this is not something I would ordinarily change) without any different result.


      To log into the H2 Console I am using http://localhost:8082/ and (in addition to the URL that is created automatically when H2 is started).


      Does anybody know why I can see nothing in the H2 Console or can suggest a different (free) approach e.g. an Eclipse plug-in?