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    extending jbpm-console, please help

    Adam Bach Novice

      Hello All!


      Does any one know how to extend jbpm-consile and server so I could add some new server actions? What I wont to achieve is to add support for human task service flow to human task forms in jbpm-console . For that I need to be able to modify and even ectend number of functions which handle taks forms.


      jbpm-console is total mystery for me, I can see no web.xml, no mappig for server rest api to java code... I've done some gwt tutorials but they are totaly different to code in jbpm-console and server source. I have strange feeling that console source code in jbpm5.2 is not all I neeed to have to be able to modify jbpm server functionality.


      So I would be veeery greatefull for any support/guidelines/articles/etc in this matter so I could start developing described changes...


      Thank You very much!