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    Custom JNDI Binding in JBoss 6.1 or 7.1

    Sueleyman Vurucu Expert

      Hi @ All,


      I migrate an EJB 2.1 to EJB 3.1. Everything works fine but I have problems with the JNDI (ENC)  binding.


      I have some EJB-Jars which packaged in a EAR.


      In some places in the sourcecode I must make manual lookup for EJBs. So I can do it with the Stirng java:global:/[EARName]/[EJB-JarName]/beanname!FQN IterfaceName.


      But I want have my own namespace so that I want know the module name like ctx.lookup(ejb/myBean).


      I Can define in jboss.xml