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    AeroGear github repo cleanup and setup

    Jay Balunas Master

      The AeroGear github organization needs to be cleaned up and organized for the launch.


      Right now it have forks of jboss-as/quickstarts and /archetypes.  We don't want to have all of the quickstarts and archetypes in our repo because keeping them in sync with so many updates is a pain.  It also makes it more confusing to new users what parts are from the AeroGear team. 


      We need to look into using git sub-modules or some other approach so that the AeroGear quickstarts and archetypes are included in jboss-as repos, but pointing to AeroGear repo.


      We also need to discuss other repository and structure setup.



      • Have an /examples repo for most examples
        • Exceptions could be made for more advanced examples, or key demo's
      • Have code style, and format settings for IDE's in the repo
      • Keep archetypes separate from the examples
      • Common AeroGear parent in place for maven based builds
      • Forks of 3rd party projects we intend to modify
        • Likely not right away



      • Have 1 repo for each example
        • Should have a /examples repo or something like that


      What else should we consider and have as part of our repo?