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    control only business rule execution


      I'll try to tell the stage, I have a workflow which invokes a multiple node instance which runs a list of dates that should be evaluated in a business rule. the mess I have is that the rule should be run once for each date, but the effect I'm observing is that it runs every object inserted into knowledge.

      Some form of control that does not happen

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          this is more drools question rather than jBPM but I'll try to put bit more light on it. Rule activation is done on facts insert/update/retract. So whenever you insert a fact rules will be activated but not fired.


          What you could do (if I understood your case correctly - you need to add several facts into session and then execute one rule on all these facts) you could insert them as collection into the session and make your rule operate on collection rather than single instances.



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            Hi maciej,



                         Is it possible to fire a rule file inside a human task, when the drl file name is given as a parameter as on-entry condition.


            Please advice me any other alternate solution,  Is it possible to fire a rule or a rule file inside the human task node by mapping the rule name or drl file name.



            Thanks in advance...