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Building from source native 3.4.1 sp1

spyhunter99 Novice

I'm attempting to build from source jbossws native 3.4.1 sp1 for jboss6 final.


First of all, I had a lot of issues downloading the source from the svn server. It would download for maybe 30secs at a time then quick. I ended up scripting batch file to repeat the process until it was done.


I've had some luck following this guide: https://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossWS-BuildingFromSource


mvn - runs ok with no warnings or errors

ant -runs ok with some warnings

ant deploy-jboss600  - runs with tons of warnings, output is attached


After starting jboss, I get a number no class def exceptions


Basically I've been able to build it, however the deploy step doesn't appear to be deploying to jboss correctly


Any idea what I'm missing?

Further more should I be using the SP1 tag? It seems newer than the GA version.buil