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    completionCondition for <adHocSubProcess>

    Hui Onn Tan Newbie

      Refering to jbpm-examples in http://kverlaen.blogspot.com/2011/07/jbpm-examples-part-2.html, I tried the Ad Hoc process and it works accordingly.


      However I have a question regarding the adHocSubProcess - how can I control the completion of sub process?

      I checked the source code of AdHocSubProcessHandler.java. It seems adHocSubProcess support only either "autoComplete" (magic word "getActivityInstanceAttribute(\"numberOfActiveInstances\") == 0") or "not autoComplete".


      In case of "not autoComplete", how could I signal or programmatically end the ad hoc sub process?


      For example, the sub process should be complete after either reviewed or approved (in the jbpm-example).