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    JavaScript frameworks for mobile web


      imo we should be using Zepto for all mobile demos which have been based on jQuery. This has been recommended by the PhoneGap guys for a while, and the appMobi team just came out with the same recommendation (basically Zepto rewritten -> http://blog.jqmobi.com/).



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          Can you create a jira to prototype switching one of our examples to zepto and we'll make a comparison.  Likely a good wiki page, or blog post in the project space.

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            As I mentioned to Jay in the chat I would like to give Enyojs a try

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              I think that would be great, especially if we could get a mobile web, and hybrid example. 


              If you are interested, create a new jira with a brief description, and create a forum post in the dev forums with a more complete one and we can talk about how to get this in.


              One of the first priorities now that the site is launched is to create an example repo, with instructions, and steps for people to add things like this too.  Stay tuned for more ( but likely next week ).

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                I would be more interested in checking out Enyo than Zepto. Zepto has always just felt like a crippled jQuery to me and once you get into more complex app development, you'll wish you had all of that jQuery "bloat". And in terms of size, yes jQuery is much larger but there is an active goal to reduce the library's size right now and if you use the CDN hosted files, the user only has to do that download once and then it's cached. Sencha Touch might be another one to look into though I admit I haven't done anything with it myself.