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    Seam faces: feature request for viewAction


      s:viewAction seems a great feature, covering the hole in JSF for making the initialization for get requests. It has lots of advantages over JSF f:event. But for my application it does not always suit as it does not work with bindings. The method for viewAction can be called at most on INVOKE_APPLICATION phase, when the view root is not constructed, so this method can not work with bound UI components. The 

      <f:event listener="#{bean.init}" type="postAddToView" />

      invokes the method on render response phase when bindings are initialized, so we can tune UI components inside this method. This is convenient and is like GWT approach for tuning components from java code.

      So, my offering: can some new phase be added to phase list: like the RENDER_RESPONSE itself, which would be called not after full rendering, but on the same stage as "postAddToView" event. This would allow the user to address bound components from the method.

      Thanks, Anton.