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    seam-security-external SAML2.0

    Richard Welteroth Newbie

      Hi all,

      we are strongly interested in using seam-security for integration with a SAML2.0 based identity provider. As far as I can see, currently only OpenID is supported by seam-security. But I've also seen that there is some sourcecode around SAML is existing in seam-security-external. Is that part already functional but not yet documented? How would configuration take place? I've been successfully experimenting with SAML2.0 support provided by the seam 2 integration of picketlink.
      Are there any concrete plans when official SAML2.0 support will be available? If not, I'd be more than thankful for hints on configuring a seam3 application with SAML2.0 based on picketlink.

      Thanks and greetings