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    Understanding Web Beans conversations and scopes

    Greg Zoller Newbie


      The WB docs cover conversations within the context of servlet/JSF environments.  I'm envisioning a solution made up of 2 collaborating applications: one an EJB business logic/services application with no UI, and another J2EE application to handle a rich UI.  The UI app would communicate with the business app via remote EJB calls (separate EARs--probably separate physical servers).

      I love the DI capabilities of WB and would find it useful to use WB internal to both apps.  I completely get how WB would work in the UI app but am not clear on if/how scopes would work on the headless business logic application.  Would they still apply?

      Application scope would be the same as a normal web-enabled app--basically a global.  Could session scope be tied to the lifespan of a stateful bean, for example a logged-in user, not an HTTP session (which wouldn't exist on the business logic app)?  Conversations would have to be programatically defined, and propagation wouldn't exist due to no JSF in this app.

      Would this work in WB or do I need to have servlets/JSF for this to work?