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    Weld ConfigExtension issue.

    Leonardo Rodriguez Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I added Gavin King's CDI ConfigExtension.java from


      to a project I'm working but it's not working. The inject() method of the InjectionTarget wrapper is never called (I added debugging statements). The only method being called in the InjectionTarget wrapper is getInjectionPoints(). Other stuff in my bean gets injected properly, but not the properties that I want the ConfigExtension to inject. Should I annotate the field (private String) with @Inject? I tried that, but then I get an exception that the dependency was unsatisfied.

      I did some research and apparently there is a bug (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-178) that might be related to my issue, one of guys comments:

      Weld will only ignore the user provided IP if the user wraps a Weld provided IT and only replaces the IPs, and not the rest of the logic.

      But, the ConfigExtension does replace/implement the entire Injection target interface.

      I'm running JBoss as 7.0.1Final and Weld/CDI is working well otherwise.