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    login-redirect question

    Tony Herstell Master

      When the user attempts to go to a page that is protected by a must be logged in trap (in components.xml) I present the login page.
      This works fine, for login, and I get back to the page I was trying to get to when the John logs in.

      However... This page also allows the user to register AND also auto-logs them in at the end of the rego process.

          public String processCaptcha() {
                  String valueToBeReturned = null;
                  if (user.getAvatar() == null || user.getAvatar().getName() == null || user.getAvatar().getName().equals("")) {
                    // The user didn't upload an image so clear this image holder.
               if (!Identity.instance().isLoggedIn()) {
                   try {
                        valueToBeReturned = "success";
                        user = null;
                        try {
                             log.info("Welcome Email sent!");
                        } catch (Exception e) {
                             log.info("Email sending failed: "+e);
                   } catch (LoginException le) {
                       log.error("Could not login using party I just created." + le);
                       valueToBeReturned = null;
               return valueToBeReturned;

      This is causing a problem...

      Registering is a multi paged exercise... so my thinking was to make it a NESTED conversation so that when the conversation ended I would pop out to the outer conversation and automagically it would realise that I as now logged in and return to the returnToCapturedView as if I had just logged in.

      Ok, it was ambitious; and it didn't work.

      Any suggestions?